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How much money can we make and where does our profit come from?

Your group can make anywhere from $1,391 to $15,050 depending on how many calendars and advertising spaces your group sells and what your group decides to charge for the calendars and ad spaces. Your profit comes from families who buy the calendar and from local businesses who buy advertising space on the calendar.

How many calendars should we order?

The minimum order is 100 calendars (200 for flip-style). For orders greater than the minimum, we recommend you only order as many calendars as you presell (in multiples of 25). This way you never run the risk of paying for more calendars than you need. If your group plans to give a complimentary calendar to each advertiser, make sure to include this number in your calendar total.

Can we charge more than the prices you recommend on this form for the calendars?

Yes! $10.00 is the average selling price for our tear-off sheet style calendars, $15.00 for our flip-style calendars. Many groups whose primary goal is profit, charge more for their calendars, however, you may choose to charge less if community service is your primary goal. The choice is yours!

Are there benefits, other than $$$, that can be derived from doing this project?

Yes! You can enhance your group's image and attract new members by undertaking a project that provides an important service to your community. This calendar is perceived by its subscribers as having real value since everyone needs and uses a calendar on a daily basis. The Public Relations value is endless: your group's name, choice of picture, meetings & special events and ongoing projects will be featured on the calendar and referred to for an entire year! The majority of groups presently running this project state PR and profit as the primary reasons they continue, many for 25 consecutive issues and more.

How are the suggested ad prices derived?

They are based on an average of between 25¢ to 30¢ per calendar for a single block ad space. If you plan to give your advertisers a complimentary calendar for placing their ad, we recommend you include this expense in your ad price. An advertiser can have an ad in hundreds of homes for an entire year for less than the cost of a postage stamp! No other print advertising guarantees this kind of exceptional value for such a modest price. Cooperative advertising on your calendar allows all businesses, big or small, to participate since they can choose the size of ad they can afford. Advertising on the calendar is a legitimate tax-deductible expense, not simply a donation.

Are we charged extra for birthday, anniversary and memoriam listings on the calendar?

Our unit price includes listings up to 4 times the number of calendars ordered (e.g. 250 cals x 4 = 1000 listings). You pay 10¢ for each listing over this 4:1 ratio (not including meetings & special events). Families who buy a calendar can list dates of people living in their immediate household. If they want to list other relatives, friends or pets, simply charge them 10¢ per listing (e.g. $1 for 10 extra listings) so your group doesn't lose any profit. We are restricted to the number of listings we can print on a given date. If we run out of room, the extra listings are continued in the blank squares on the calendar pad.

How can we make more money?

Additional revenue can be made if you include meetings & special events from other groups in your community. The average charge is $1 per listing. There is no limit to how many listings you may include without incurring any extra charges. Advertising these important dates on the calendar provides a great service to your community. It also increases the value of the calendar to your subscribers because people will find the information about their community timely and in a handy format, resulting in increased sales for your group.

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